Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts was chartered on December 17, 2013 by the New York State Department of Regents and is located in the Town of Greece, N.Y.  By August 2018, the school will grow to a K-6 school with a total student population of just under 500 students.



Who Attends Our School?

academicsOver 93% of our students are from the Rochester City School District with the remaining students coming from suburban Monroe County. 93% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch and approximately 16% of our students qualified for special education services in the fall of 2014.

The administration, faculty and staff achieve the mission of Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts through a thorough, comprehensive school-wide curricula. Our teaching staff meets daily to align their unit and lesson plans to ensure high levels of student engagement which will lead to student achievement. Our instructional pedagogy is one based on active learning and inquiry based lessons. Engaging students in the “why” of the lessons is as important to our teaching staff as is the final outcomes. Our arts staff works diligently with the academic staff to integrate arts in to the curriculum and to integrate academics into the arts. Children are truly learning using both parts of their brain.

To learn more about our Staff and Teachers please click on one of the links below:


Dr. Donna Marie Cozine – Chief Educational Officer

Mr. Craig Eichmann – Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Barbara Cozine – Budget Director

Ms. Caitlin Loury – Director of Elementary

Ms. Jackie Simpson – Director of Intermediate Education

Mrs. Nan Westervelt – Director of Arts

Mr. Curtis Woods – Dean of Students

Office Staff

Mrs. Michelle Gannon – Administrative Assistant to the COO

Ms. Nancy Goethel – Administrative Assistant to the CEO

Ms. Trina Pacyga

Ms. Jinny Foreman

Support Staff

Mrs. Sue Lococo – Director of Special Services

Mr. Bradley Hurst – Director of Safety and Wellness

Mrs. Kimberly M. Felton – Family Services Coordinator

Ms. Sue Maltzan – School Librarian

Mrs. Elizabeth Sullivan – Social Worker

Mr. Dan Westervelt – Technology
Mrs. Beth Looby – School Psychologist
Ms. Kristin Loftus- Math Specialist
Ms. Rachel Kennedy– Literacy Specialist
Ms. Mary Kay Bradley– Speech Language Pathologist

Mr. Anthony Colquitt – ATS Assistant
Mrs. Cheryl Fennessy – School Nurse
Mr. Ricky Seeman – Custodian
Mr. Nildo Marquez – Custodian

Ms. Evie Rivera – Custodian

Mr. Chris Martin – Custodian

Arts Staff

Mr. Tom Lake – Drama

Mr. John Thompson – Drama
Ms. Nancy Pigno – Dance
Ms. Laura Vormwald – Dance
Ms. Jacqueline Moe – Dance Assistant Teacher
Mr. Topher Holt – Music
Mr. Jose Flores – Music
Ms. Rhiannon Tobeck – Visual Arts
Ms. Laura Garland – Visual Arts

Ms. Douangmanyphone Phannola – Visual Arts
Mr. Terrell Kittelberger – Physical Education

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Kristin Fitzgerald

Ms. Ashley Singletary

Mr. Keith Parish

Ms. Jenna Ehmann

Ms. Hayley Perruccio

Ms. Veronica Rush

Second Grade Team

Third Grade Team

Ms. Shawna Maez
Ms. Mekko Mongeon
Ms. Emily Brinkman

Ms. Chere Miceli

Ms. Hannah Gugino

Ms. Kristen Clineburg

Ms. Brenda Kennison

Mr. Eric Fehrenbach

Ms. Taylor Fraser

Ms. Stephanie Drago

Fourth Grade Team

Mr. Brian Simon

Ms. TaKise McKnight

Ms. Danielle Vitalone

Ms. Carole Barkin

Fifth Grade Team

Multi Age Classroom (MAC)

Ms. Katie Peters
Mrs. Susan Stephens

RTI Specialists

Ms. Tiffany Male – Grades K-2 Coordinator
Ms. Jenifer Wheaton – Grades 3-5 Coordinator

Ms. Megan Lukasiewicz

Ms. Annamaria Levito

Our Mission

The mission of the Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts is to provide children an enriched and rigorous education through the humanities and arts integration leading to success in college, careers and life.
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