Douangmany Phannola

Art Teacher

About Douangmany

Douangmany graduated from Nazareth College of Rochester in 2016 in Art Education with her Bachelor’s degree. She served in Rochester AmeriCorps for a year where she mentored and provided direct support to Kindergarten- 5th grade students. Throughout the year, she participated in group service projects around Rochester with other AmeriCorps members. Like cleaning up Mt.Hope, helping Cameron Ministries, and volunteering at Foodlink. She also was a counselor at Camp Haccomo. A camp that offered a free, safe, and most importantly fun social, opportunity for the disabled.
This is Douangmany’s 2nd year at RA!  She loves working with urban youth and inspiring them to communicate their visual world! She is a hand-lettering artist; She loves how words and art can transform minds and inspire students. She runs the Graffiti Art Club and is excited about all the new mural projects she hopes to create with students!
Douangmany was born and raised in Rochester and has a passion working with urban youth. She has 2 daughters named Ariadne and Calyana. Ari will be a Kindergartner this year and Caly will be in 3 year old Preschool! She enjoys painting, drawing, and spending time with her girls!


Ms. Douangmany Phannola

Assistant Art Teacher
Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts
“Creativity takes Courage”
-Henri Matisse
“Art helps us see connections and brings a more
coherent meaning to our world.”
-Ernest Boyer

Our Mission

The mission of the Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts is to provide children an enriched and rigorous education through the humanities and arts integration leading to success in college, careers and life.
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