Dr. Donna Marie Cozine

Chief Educational Officer


Email:   cozine@renacad.org

Phone:  585-225-4200 Ext. 202

About Dr. Cozine

Dr. Cozine co-founded Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts and was one of the architects of the school’s innovative program.  In the era where the arts are being eliminated in schools, Dr. Cozine wanted a school where children, including her own, could experience the joy of learning in an arts enriched environment.  It took Dr. Cozine and her two co-founders two years to conceive, plan and create a comprehensive program that was approved by the New York State Department of Education’s Charter Schools Office in December, 2013.  On September 3, 2014, Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts opened its doors to 193 K-2 students.  Dr. Cozine can proudly say that the school that she envisioned and created for children is one that she enrolls her own daughter.


Dr. Cozine started her career as a middle school social studies teacher in Rockland County New York where she taught for 7 years. Her first job as an administrator was in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey where she was the assistant principal at the middle school. Shortly thereafter, she became the principal of Meadowbrook Elementary School in Hillsdale, New Jersey.  Dr. Cozine relocated to Rochester when she met and married her husband and began working for The College Board.  In that role she supported three Rochester City School District high schools that followed The College Board Schools model. Her experience in those high schools fueled her passion to provide a solid foundation upon which children can build their future school success.


Dr. Cozine holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Science from Pace University, a Master’s of Science in Education from Fordham University and a Doctorate in Education from St. John’s University.  She lives in Fairport with her husband and two children.

Our Mission

The mission of the Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts is to provide children an enriched and rigorous education through the humanities and arts integration leading to success in college, careers and life.
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